Construction estimating software is designed to assist construction professionals in accurately estimating the cost of construction projects. It helps in creating detailed cost estimates, managing project budgets, and tracking expenses. Here are some popular construction estimating software options:

  1. Procore: Procore is a comprehensive construction management platform that includes robust estimating features. It allows users to create detailed estimates, track costs, and manage budgets. Procore integrates with other project management modules, such as document management and scheduling.
  2. PlanSwift: PlanSwift is a takeoff and estimating software that enables users to measure digital plans and generate accurate material and labor cost estimates. It includes features like digitizing, visual assemblies, and integration with other construction software.
  3. RSMeans: RSMeans, a product of Gordian, is a widely recognized construction cost database. It provides access to accurate and up-to-date construction cost data for various trades, materials, and labor. RSMeans can be used as a standalone cost reference or integrated with other estimating software.
  4. Sage Estimating: Sage Estimating is a comprehensive construction estimating software that offers advanced features for creating detailed estimates, managing costs, and generating reports. It includes a vast database of construction costs, customizable templates, and integration with accounting and project management software.
  5. Clear Estimates: Clear Estimates is a user-friendly construction estimating software designed for small to mid-sized contractors. It provides pre-built templates, customizable cost databases, and intuitive tools for creating estimates, tracking costs, and managing projects.
  6. STACK: STACK is a cloud-based takeoff and estimating software that allows users to perform digital takeoffs, create estimates, and collaborate on projects. It offers features like measurement tools, cost databases, and integrations with other construction software.
  7. Trimble Accubid: Trimble Accubid is a specialized estimating software for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors. It provides tools for generating detailed estimates, managing change orders, and tracking project costs. It includes features like digital takeoffs, cost databases, and integration with other construction software.

These are just a few examples of construction estimating software available in the market. The choice of software depends on factors such as the size of the projects you work on, the specific trade or industry you’re in, and your budget. It’s important to evaluate the features, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities of the software to find the best fit for your estimating needs.

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