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Available brands: Ingco, Sencan & CAT.

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Cat 750w 115mm Angle Grinder Dx371

KSh 7,500.00

Cat 800w 26mm Sds Plus Rotary Dx26

KSh 16,750.00

Orbital Sander 509306 320w Sencan

KSh 6,700.00

Li-ion Cordless Drill D511806 Sencan

KSh 9,100.00

Circular Saw 761820 1300w Sencan

KSh 9,000.00

Gasoline Chain Saw Gc55602411 2400w Ingco

KSh 32,500.00

Impact Drill Id6808-8 680w Ingco

KSh 3,450.00

Tile Cutter Ptc8001 Ingco

KSh 26,250.00

Finishing Sander Fs3208 320w Ingco

KSh 3,940.00