Tile adhesives

Tile adhesive is a type of bonding agent that is used to fix tiles to various surfaces in the construction industry. It is a cement-based adhesive that is designed to provide a strong, durable bond between the tile and the substrate. Here are some common uses of tile adhesive:

  1. Flooring: Tile adhesive is commonly used to install floor tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. It is ideal for use on concrete or cement screeds, as well as on wooden subfloors, where it can help to level out any uneven areas.
  2. Walls: Tile adhesive is also used to fix wall tiles, including ceramic and porcelain tiles, in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is ideal for use on a wide range of substrates, including plaster, plasterboard, and cementitious boards.
  3. Splashbacks: Tile adhesive can be used to install splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms, providing a waterproof barrier that protects the underlying wall from water damage.
  4. Swimming pools: Tile adhesive is commonly used to fix tiles in swimming pools, providing a waterproof and slip-resistant surface.
  5. Commercial applications: Tile adhesive is often used in commercial applications, including shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants, where it can provide a durable and long-lasting surface that can withstand high levels of foot traffic.

Overall, tile adhesive is a versatile and essential material in the construction industry, used to fix a wide range of tiles to a variety of substrates in both residential and commercial applications. It provides a strong, durable bond that can withstand the demands of daily use, while also providing a waterproof and slip-resistant surface.

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