BRC mesh

BRC mesh, also known as welded wire mesh or reinforcement mesh, is a type of steel reinforcement material that is commonly used in construction. Here are some of the most common types of BRC mesh:

  1. Standard mesh: This is the most common type of BRC mesh, and it is available in a range of sizes and wire diameters. Standard mesh is typically used for general-purpose reinforcement in concrete structures such as foundations, walls, and columns.
  2. Ribbed mesh: Ribbed mesh has a textured surface that provides better bonding with concrete. This type of mesh is often used in applications where high strength and load-bearing capacity are required, such as in bridges and high-rise buildings.
  3. Square mesh: Square mesh has a square pattern of wires that is ideal for applications where a flat surface is required, such as in flooring and pavements.
  4. Rectangular mesh: Rectangular mesh has a rectangular pattern of wires that is ideal for applications where longer spans are required, such as in precast concrete beams and slabs.
  5. Brick force mesh: Brick force mesh is a type of BRC mesh that is used to reinforce brickwork and blockwork walls. It is placed between the courses of bricks or blocks and helps to distribute the load evenly across the wall.
  6. Anti-climb mesh: Anti-climb mesh is a type of BRC mesh that is used to prevent unauthorized access to buildings and other secure areas. It has a tight pattern of wires that makes it difficult to climb or cut.

Overall, the type of BRC mesh that is best for a particular application will depend on factors such as the strength and load-bearing capacity required, as well as the specific design and construction requirements.

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