3 lever locks

A 3 lever lock is a type of mechanical lock that uses three levers to secure a door. Here’s how it works:

The lock has a keyhole on the outside of the door and a latch on the inside. The key is inserted into the keyhole and turned to engage the levers. The levers are typically located within the lock body and are lifted to a certain height by the key. Once the levers are lifted to the correct height, the latch is released, and the door can be opened.

Three lever locks are more secure than two lever locks because they have an additional lever, making them more difficult to pick or bypass. They are often used on internal and external doors in residential and commercial settings, and are a popular choice for front and back doors.

It is important to note that the security level of a 3 lever lock depends on the quality and strength of the lock itself, as well as the door and door frame that it is installed on. It is recommended to consult with a locksmith or security professional to determine the best lock system for your specific needs.

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