Nyumba Mabati

Corrugated Group’s response to a market that seeks roofing solutions that combine functional requirements for roofing sheets and aesthetic attractiveness is Nyumba Colourcot Mabati. Unlike other pre-painted roofing manufacturers in the area, Nyumba Colourcot’s brilliant colors are strong, long-lasting, and distinctive. Additionally, by minimizing corrosion and direct effects from the weather, pre-painting the roofing sheets extends the life of the mabati.

With the inclusion of the Nyumba Tile Profiles (i.e. Nyumba Classical, Nyumba Bricktile, and Nyumba Wavetile) and the Nyumba Crimped/Curved Sheets, all of our Nyumba Galvanized Roofing Sheet profiles are available as pre-painted Nyumba Colourcot Mabati.

Available Colours

Sky Blue

Brick Red

Tile Red

Dark Green

Pantone Green

Charcoal Grey

Valentine Red


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